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Fresh out of the Army in 1956, David M. Sorvig and his wife Joan bought a small, implement business on Main Street in St. Hilaire, MN.  With David’s ingenuity and skills gathered from time spent farming and in the mechanical trades, Joan’s precise bookkeeping, and a generous portion of elbow grease, their little enterprise grew.  A few years of peddling farm implements, hydraulic equipment, and welding broken machinery put them in position to capitalize on a tip from a salesman friend to start selling for the plumbing and heating wholesale industry, creating the St. Hilaire Supply Co., Inc. in 1959.  That same year, David also began manufacturing steel fuel tanks using equipment he designed and built himself, some of which is still used in production today. 

          As their business grew in response to their years of hard work and dedication to excellent customer service, David and Joan raised a young family, teaching their children the value of an honest day’s work from an early age.   Their four strapping sons, who were tarring tanks, loading trailers, and welding almost before they were tall enough to look over the front counter, took over the business in the mid 1980’s.  Driven by a strong sense of family pride and a deeply instilled work ethic, the four boys and one daughter-in-law led their business through the rigors of the next 3 decades.  They gradually expanded and grew from a 1500 square foot facility serving the local region in 1959 to over 60,000 square feet of warehouse and manufacturing space providing quality products to customers across the United States and Canada.  

          Our company was built on an unrelenting work ethic and an unyielding commitment to our customers, and we are proud to continue this tradition as members of the third generation strive to uphold the ideals of the first.  Today, we employ a dedicated team that makes every effort to professionally and effectively provide our customers with the products and services they need, and, as we look to the future, we commit to doing just that, right here in St. Hilaire.

Mission Statement

It is our goal at St. Hilaire Supply Co., Inc. to consistently prove ourselves to be a trusted and valued business partner in the plumbing and heating wholesale industry.  We have great pride in our tradition of outstanding customer service, innovative and reliable products, and dedicated employees as we strive to provide the training and information our customers need to succeed in a constantly evolving industry.  Working as a team to serve our changing global market, we pledge our commitment to preserve the integrity of our business and to continue to provide the professionals we serve with the excellence they deserve and have come to expect.

Employee Contacts

Andi Sherman (Sales Coordinator)

Gary Sorvig (Sales)
Tim Sorvig (Sales)
Cody Sorvig (Sales)

Keith Wavra (Sales)
Joe Silvers (Sales)
Jarrod Peterson (Sales)

Nate Laroque (Technical Service)
Bryan Sorvig (Sales)
Barb Bohm (Receptionist/Warranty)
Lori Sorvig (Office Manager)
Degee Gilbert (Accounts Receivable)

Candy Rude (Accounts Payable)
Jenny Tveiten (Marketing/Web Coordinator)
Seth Tveiten (Warehouse Manager)